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Hagerty offers "Official Insurance Coverage" for Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

By Gary Becker
Remember when you bought your first car with the money you were earning flipping hamburgers and sweeping floors. The first thing you had to do was visit the family insurance agent to buy coverage for your newly obtained pride and joy only to find out that the insurance was going to cost more than the car.

If you have $85,000 laying around to buy a new 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon you can probably afford the insurance on car that came with a $1,7000 gas guzzler tax. But, and that's a big but, if you can find someone to insure a car that does a 9.65 second quarter mile that insurance is not going be cheap.

Hagerty is coming to the rescue with official insurance policies specifically tailored to give Demon owners specialized insurance coverage and the ability to enjoy their new performance machine. Hagerty’s coverage for the Demon will be the same Guaranteed Value policy that is provided to all vehicles that qualify for their program. Unlike traditional auto policies for daily driven vehicles, the vehicle’s value is established at the time the policy is issued. This eliminates the need for any negotiation on value should the vehicle experience a total covered loss.

“We are living in the golden age of automotive performance, and the Demon is the latest example that speaks directly to the hearts of enthusiasts,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO – Hagerty. “The insurance industry had a hand in ending the first great muscle car era, and we’re here to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.”

Of course, during the first muscle car era you could buy a new Hemi Cuda for around $3,500 and even a kid working part time sweeping floors and flipping burgers could afford a used 300 plus horsepower car that could do a sub-14 second quarter mile. Finding and affording insurance on Malibu sedan was not difficult. Of course keeping that insurance after collecting that first speeding ticket and your insurance agent finging out the Malibu had Super Sport emblems and big block V8 was different story.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Demon and woul like more information from Hagarty, call a dedicated hotline for Demon owners at (844) 840-8733. For those preferring to start the process online, visit and click the "Quote Now" tab.


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