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Tennessee Region SCCA Points event 4

Story and photographs by Bill Maharidge

After the amount of rain that fell on Saturday I was doubtful it would be dry for the Tennessee region SCCA event on Sunday. By morning the weather was much better and I decided to take the drive down to Bell Buckle, Tennessee for the fourth points scoring event on the schedule.

When I arrived there were quite a few cars ready to take on the ½ mile asphalt kart track located on Hwy 231. The skies were overcast and the clouds had a look like they were ready to give up any water droplets they carried at any moment. I made sure I had my rain gear in my backpack as I walked around to get a look at the cars and talk to some of the drivers.

I like doing the course walkthrough because I can get on the track and get a feel for what the drivers are looking at as they go through their runs. It also gives me the chance to talk to some of the participants while they are out there and get their thoughts or ask them any questions I have about the event. The drivers I did talk to said they liked the kart track because of the banked turns they can carry more speed without sliding too far off their line, and also since this is an actual track it is easier for them to visualize as they make their way around to the finish line.

All of the events are timed laps on the course. Each driver will get a certain number of runs, and the best one will be used to determine where they place at the end of the day. It is a lot of fun, but also a great way for anyone to really learn about their car and also get some valuable driving experience. You will improve on your reaction time and also learn how to handle your car better in a skid or slid during breaking.

If you would like to see the results of this past weekend, as well as the next event, you can check out the Tennessee Region website at

If you want to learn more about the SCCA, or to see what region you are in, just go to , and then click on “About SCCA” drop down and then “Find Your Region”. Just enter your zip code in the

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