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Historic Sportscar Racing and Chin Track Days combine for a Spring Fling at Sebring

Story and photographs by Mike Beckers

On February 17-19, 2017 Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) and the Chin Tack Days presented the “Spring Fling” at historic Sebring International Raceway. Heavy fog moved in on Sunday morning, but it could not dampen the enthusiasm of the spectators and participants. Race cars of all types were in evidence, and the fog seemed to magnify the wonderful sound of racing engines at full song.

By now I’m sure that you are familiar with the concept of HSR and hopefully you have been fortunate enough to have attended an event. If not, when was the last time that you saw a Ford GT 40 or Lola T-70 Mk III? Perhaps a dusty example in a museum? Or pictures in a book? Or some of our photographer’s photos in this magazine? To see these historic machines at speed on track and being maintained in the paddock is a great experience. HSR events attract many great examples of racing cars. For example, the white Lola Mk III came from Switzerland.

The Chin Track Days entries were numerous and covered a vast variety of vehicles. Some took advantage of the program to share a ride with a friend. Many of the cars were pure racers, but there were some that were driven to the track, and then home. This is how road racing got started. It appeared that some serious “testing” was going on in with some of the entries.

As always hats off to the wonderful folks at HSR, Sebring Raceway and Chin Track Days. Be sure to add a HSR event to your agenda this year. And what about that Mustang or Camaro in the garage? The Chin folks have some fun in mind for you.


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