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Toyota, Land Rover top NADA 3-year old value retention report

How much is that new car you are thinking about buying going to be worth in three years? We all know that once you drive that new car off the dealer's lot you take an enormous financial hit, but how much of hit three years down the road can be determined by a Perspective report just released by the folks at NADA Used Car Guide in which analysts have detailed the value performance of used 2013 model year passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

Toyota FJ"There were several 3-year-old models that jumped up the rankings in their respective segments," said Jonathan Banks, vice president of analysis and vehicle analytics at NADA Used Car Guide.

Banks' coworker, Larry Dixon, director of market intelligence added, "Some models predictably did better than others, with one mainstream model outperforming luxury models as well."

That mainstream model Dixon refers to is the 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser. For the second consecutive year, Toyota's discontinued off-roader took the top retention value spot among all makes, models and segments.

David Paris, senior automotive analyst at NADA Used Car Guide said, "The FJ Cruiser has a cult-like following in the used market. Along with other factors, high enthusiast demand for the 4x4 managed to increase its retention score by 1 percentage point over last year's report to 92.5 percent."

While the full listing of retention values can be found in the free Perspective Report on the NADA Used Car Guide website, here is a small sample:

5 Highest Ranked 2013 Model Year Value Retention Performers By Vehicle Segment

Toyota FJ Cruiser – Non-Luxury SUV/Truck – 92.5% of value retained
Land Rover Range Rover – Luxury SUV/Truck – 67.8% of value retained
Subaru XV Crosstrek – Non-Luxury Car – 63.3% of value retained
Ford Mustang – Non-Luxury Sports Car – 60.7% of value retained
Porsche 911 (997) – Luxury Sports Car – 57.9% of value retained

5 Lowest Ranked 2013 Model Year Value Retention Performers By Vehicle Segment

Smart FORTWO – Subcompact Car – 24.8% of value retained
Suzuki Kizashi – Mid-Size Car – 26.7% of value retained
Suzuki SX4 – Compact Car – 29.5% of value retained
Suzuki Grand Vitara – Compact Utility – 30.1% of value retained
Chevrolet Impala – Large Car – 30.6% of value retained

The full October Perspective report listing all values, how the retention figures were calculated, and vehicle-specific information can be downloaded for free on the NADA Used Car Guide website.


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