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Firestone Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama tire fast facts

The alternate tire program, a staple of the series for the fifth straight season, mandates a second tire specification at road- or street-course races. The Firehawk alternates, easily identified by their bright red sidewalls, pair the same tire construction as the primary specification with a softer tread compound to provide more grip and faster lap times, while trading off compound durability for the shorter-term advantages.Firestone Tires

Firestone Racing has developed new dry-condition tire specifications for Barber Motorsports Park for 2013. The primary (black-sidewall) spec includes a slight body construction change from last year’s tire and a higher-grip (“softer”) tread compound. It’s the same spec used at last month’s open test when many drivers eclipsed the official track record. The alternate (red-sidewall) tires possess an even softer tread compound than in 2012 to maintain or increase the performance difference between the two specs from a year ago.

Per series regulations, all cars must use at least one set of primary tires and one new alternate set during the race, each for a minimum of two green-flag laps. Otherwise, teams can use their weekend tire allotment at their discretion.

Firestone Firehawk Race Tires Supplied:
• Primary (black-sidewall) dry-condition slicks: 662, each entry receives five sets (20 total tires);

• Alternate (red-sidewall) dry-condition slicks: 342, each entry receives three sets (12 total tires);

• Wet-condition (rain) tires with grooved tread pattern: 332, each entry has five sets of the rain tire that
debuted in June 2012 available this weekend.

The race will be televised live, Sunday, April 7, at 3 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network, IMS Radio Network, SiriusXM 211 and Qualifying show (tape delay) airs at 5 p.m. ET Saturday, April 6 on NBC Sports Network.


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